Couscous With Bacon And Croutons of Goat Cheese With Basil Oil

O Meu Tempero

It's true what they say: Bacon does make everything taste better, including this couscous salad. Besides bacon, the couscous is combined with bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and fresh goat cheese in a serving dish and then garnished with fresh basil leaves and croutons made by toasting rustic bread pieces with basil oil and toasting to a golden crisp. It's a wonderful dish all on its own, but would also be terrific as an accompaniment to grilled meat, poultry, or fish.


  • 150 couscous (grs of)
  • 200 milliliters boiling water
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • 1 handful fresh basil leaves
  • extra virgin olive oil (to taste)
  • 70 bacon strips (grs of)
  • 1/4 sweet pepper (green, diced)
  • 1/4 sweet pepper (diced)
  • 10 cherry tomatoes (whole)
  • 1 slice Alentejo bread (trimmed and diced)
  • 1 goat cheese (small, diced)
  • dried oregano (to taste)


  1. Put basil and olive oil in a blender and grind.
  2. Place the couscous in a bowl of boiling water, along with a pinch of salt and basil olive oil.
  3. When the water is completely absorbed separate the grains with a fork and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  4. Put aside.
  5. Heat a frying pan and toast the bacon.
  6. Add the peppers and the cherry tomatoes.
  7. For the croutons, brush the pieces of bread with basil oil, put in each square of cheese and sprinkle with oregano.
  8. Bring to medium oven until toasting the bread and melt the cheese.
  9. Plate up by putting the couscous in a large dish, peppers, bacon, the whole tomato, the croutons and decorate with basil leaves.
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