Compote of Kiwi, Apple and Cardamom

Hoje para Jantar
Compote of Kiwi, Apple and Cardamom


This delicious compote is made with a combination of kiwi and apple, which are perfectly accented with warming cardamom. The recipe comes together fairly easily and is relatively hands off. This compote can be used in a variety of ways, try it as the filling to a cake, on top of a bowl of yogurt, or dolloped on top of a stack of pancakes or waffles.


400 grams kiwi (peeled)
300 grams apples (peeled and pitted)
2 cups lemon juice
350 grams sugar
1 cup teas (powdered gelatin)
6 cardamom pods


1Put all the ingredients in the glass and program 30 min / vel. 2/100 ° C.
2Place the jam in sterilized glass jars and turn them upside down until they cool so the jam is well-sealed.
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