Colomba Cake Pops

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Colomba Cake Pops


French almond cream — crème d'amandes or frangipane — is a cream made of almonds, eggs and sugar. It's used as a filling for tarts and cakes. In this version, ground almonds are turned into nut-flour, which mixes with cocoa and melted butter atop the stove. Eggs are carefully added into the mix. After 15 minutes over low heat, the cream is refrigerated until thickened and ready to serve with your favorite pastries.


pound cake
2 ounces espresso
milk chocolate candy
125 grams ricotta cheese
dark chocolate


1Cut the cake into pieces and drizzle with the coffee to a bowl.
2Add the chocolate cut into pieces and the ricotta cheese.
3Combine the ingredients using your hands (the mixture should be firm) and refrigerate it for a few hours to become more compact.
4Shape the mixture into balls and place the balls on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Place a colored stick inside each ball.
5Melt a few pieces of dark chocolate with a tablespoon or two of butter in a pan or microwave.
6Coat the cake balls with the chocolate and garnish with the colored sprinkles. Chill well before serving.
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