Coffee Delight with Stroopwafel

Hoje para Jantar
Coffee Delight with Stroopwafel


3 packages cream (milk)
3 sheets gelatin (uncoloured)
1 can condensed milk
6 Dutch cookies (the stroopwafels, easily found in any supermarket)
3 teaspoons instant coffee


1Put the gelatin sheets to soak in a bowl with a little water.
2Grind the cookies in the kitchen robot and set aside.
3Whip the cream until stiff, add the condensed milk, and the ground coffee.
4Drain the gelatin sheets and take them to the microwave to melt.
5Add the gelatin in wire to the prepared cream and place small dessert cups, alternating with cookie layers.
6Refrigerate and serve cold.
7This recipe may well be an ice cream, to do this just don't put the gelatin.
8Put in a long glass alternating with the wafer and go stirring during freezing.
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