Chocolate Wafer Sandwich Cookies

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Chocolate Wafer Sandwich Cookies


Cookies create smiles on everyone's faces. If you have been asked to make cookies for the next potluck party, then why not try these Croque Wafer Gourmet Chocolate/Orange? These sweet treats are packed with a wonderful mixture of hazelnuts, cocoa and chopped orange peel that is made into a wonderful creamy mixture that is perfect inside the crispy wafers. We hope your friends apprecieate these sweet treats as much as we do.


130 grams flour
120 grams chestnut flour (organic grocery store)
180 grams sugar cane
3 eggs
200 grams butter
2 packets vanilla sugar
1 pinch salt
100 grams ground hazelnuts
125 grams brown sugar
15 milk
50 grams hazelnut oil
50 grams butter
30 grams cocoa
60 g pralinoise
15 grams orange peel (chopped)


1Beat the eggs with the sugar. Add the salt and then the melted butter. Then gradually add the flpur to create a soft, but not runny dough.
2Heat your waffle iron thin plate, brush with a little bit of oil.
3Cook a medium-sized dough ball. When they are cooked, cut them with a cookie cutter and let them cool on a flat surface (they are also very good without filling).
4Put all filling ingredients in a bowl and mix. Heat in a bain-marie so that they form a smooth paste. Mix and pour into a bowl to cool and thicken a bit.
5Take 2 wafers, spread a little dough on one of them and then top with the other wafer.
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