Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Meringues

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Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Meringues


Cake is a rich and decadent dessert. Ice cream is a sweet and savory dessert. This recipe for Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Meringues is a wonderful way to surprise your loved ones with a sweet treat. Be sure to pick up these ingredients so you can make this creamy dreamy confection. We hope you and your loved ones enjoy this flavorful ice cream as much as we do. Enjoy!


1 bar milk chocolate
meringue (previous recipe)
chocolate chip ice cream (1 lt.)


1Melt the chocolate in the microwave.
2With a brush, coat the inside of a springform pan with the melted chocolate. The coating must be thick enough because it will make the chocolate shell.
3Let harden in the refrigerator.
4Remove the ice cream from the freezer so that it becomes softer.
5Spread half of the ice cream in the pan.
6Top the ice cream layer with meringue pieces.
7Spread the remaining ice cream on top.
8Finish with a layer of meringue and chocolate if there is any left.
9Put in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Serve with meringues.
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