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I just made up this recipe it was a really good idea that I came up with


  • soy
  • organic sugar
  • lemon
  • organic coconut oil
  • water
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    1. Turn the stove on high and put a pot on the stove
    2. Add semisweet dairy and soy free chocolate chips to the pot then add water coconut oil be creative the reason that I haven't made an exact recipe for this is because everyone likes their chocolate fudge to be a different consistency so be creative about it first put the chocolate chips in the pot on the stove then add water and coconut oil and mix well if it's too watery and not thick enough then coconut oil and semisweet chocolate chips be creative about it you may have to try this recipe more than once to finally achieve the desired consistency but after 5 or 6 times of experimenting with this recipe you'll become a pro at making it your way and everyone who tries it will be amazed.
    3. Okay after you have achieved the desired consistency then add sugar and then peppermint or lemon extract do not mix the peppermint and lemon extract together be creative you can use vanilla extract whichever one you want anyway stir and mix together and then pour into a pitcher and refrigerate before refrigerating you can take ripe bananas and pour the fudge over them then freeze them in the fudge and take out of the freezer to eat they taste amazing as I was saying refrigerate it and after 12 hours in the fridge it should be thick and creamy ready to use as a spread on bread or whatever else you could think of now remember the first time that you try out this recipe it may turn out to sweet for you or too bitter not thick enough so experiment with it 5 or 6 times or however many times you need to become a pro at the recipe so don't be disappointed if the first time you make it it's way too sweet so just experiment with different amounts of chocolate coconut oil different flavors of extract I recommend only peppermint extract but that's my taste not yours so experiment and enjoy please comment by the way the reason that in this recipe I do not tell you how much to put of every ingredient is because that way the recipe is more versatile you can be creative with it so again put a pot on high after everything melts lower it to a little lower than medium add semisweet chocolate chips, organic sugar, organic coconut oil, and peppermint extract oh and don't forget to add water now don't be annoyed if when you first try it it's way to sweet or way too bitter experiment there's a great chance when you make it the first second or third time it won't be that good but learn from your mistakes and after a few experimental trials you'll be making delicious chocolate fudge for anyone you want just a small tip don't add the sugar and the peppermint extract until you achieve the desired consistency don't forget to add a bit of water This recipe is for delicious chocolate fudge afte