Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala


1 whole chicken
4 chicken thighs
2 tablespoons garam masala
2 tablespoons hot chili powder
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 teaspoons turmeric
1 natural yogurt
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt (to taste)
ground black pepper (to taste)
1 onions
2 garlic cloves
2 teaspoons ground ginger
1 can tomato sauce


1Remove skin from chicken.
2Make a marinade with garam masala, chili powder, cumin, turmeric, and yogurt.
3Coat the chicken with the marinade and refrigerate.
4In a stew pot, heat the olive oil, and brown the chicken with salt and pepper. Remove chicken from the pot.
5In the same pot, brown the onion. Add oil as needed.
6Add garlic, ginger, and tomato sauce. Cook for 1 minute.
7Put the chicken back in the pot.
8Cover and simmer slowly, stirring frequently, until the chicken is cooked.
9Serve on top of basmati rice.
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