Chicken Salad

O Meu Tempero
Chicken Salad


Here's your answer to what to do with leftover roast chicken breast: Chop or shred the meat and fold it into a delicious salad that can be enjoyed on its own, as a sandwich filling, or as a component of a composed salad with greens (and perhaps other such salads, like tuna or egg salad, in the classic trio). This version includes watercress, carrot, and orange, plus feta and a balsamic vinaigrette as the binder.


1 roast breast of chicken (or other leftover part)
1/2 cup watercress
8 lettuce leaves
1 medium carrot
1 onions (small)
1 orange
olive oil (for vinaigrette)
coarse salt (for vinaigrette)
balsamic vinegar (for vinaigrette)
feta cheese (for garnish)
basil leaves (for garnish)


1Chop and mix the chicken and vegetables. Seasoned with a vinaigrette of olive oil, coarse salt, and balsamic vinegar.
2Garnish with feta cheese and basil leaves.
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