Carrot and Coconut Balls

As receitas lá de casa
Carrot and Coconut Balls


You'll have to whip up a batch of these sweet treats for yourself to see just how delightful they are, and that is easy enough to do. The combination of naturally sweet (and vibrantly colored) carrots, which are cooked (steamed or blanched) and then pureed until smooth, and sweetened shredded coconut is a marvel to behold. The bite sized balls are rolled in even more coconut (or sugar, as desired) a la truffles.


  • 150 grams carrots (cooked, drained and pureed)
  • 130 grams grated coconut
  • 130 grams sugar


  1. 1Mix all ingredients thoroughly.
  2. 2Refrigerate overnight.
  3. 3If mixture is too runny to handle, add more coconut.
  4. 4Form into balls and roll through grated coconut or sugar.
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