Caramel Coconut Jello Mold

As receitas lá de casa
Caramel Coconut Jello Mold


Calling all custard lovers, this coconutty caramel dessert is for you. All the ingredients can be thrown into a mixer and all that is required is a jello mold. A perfect dessert for your next big party.


1/2 liter milk
125 grams white sugar
200 milliliters cream
2 tablespoons caramel syrup
24 grams cheese curds
150 grams grated coconut
caramel syrup (to taste)
grated coconut (to taste)


1Combine the milk, sugar, cream, caramel syrup, and cheese curd in a mixer and blend until all the ingredients are well mixed.
2Heat the mixed ingredients over medium to low heat for about 9 minutes, stiring occasionally.
3Once the ingredients are heated, add the grated coconut and cook for another minute, stirring well.
4Pour the ingredients into a chilled jello mold, preferably metallic.
5Allow the mix to cool slightly, and then refrigerate until it is time to serve.
6To remove it, place the mold in hot water for about 30 seconds.
7Once it is removed and on the plate, decorate the dish to taste with the extra caramel syrup and grated coconut.
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