Boca Doce Pudding and the Happy Discovery

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Boca Doce Pudding and the Happy Discovery


Packaged pudding mixes are the not so secret shortcut to making this lovely layered trifle in relatively short order, as is doing so in a Thermomix, for hands-off cooking (no constant stirring to prevent sticking on the stovetop). You can use any flavors you prefer, but here there are two layers of strawberry and one of vanilla. Just make sure the colors will be contrasting enough to make for an appealing presentation.


  • 8 ladyfingers
  • 3 packages pudding mix (I used 2 strawberry and 1 vanilla)
  • 300 grams sugar
  • 1 1/2 kilograms milk
  • 1 package cream (35% less fat, well chilled)


  1. 1Grind 8 finger biscuits at speed 9 for a few seconds or until reduced to fine crumbs.
  2. 2Remove and set aside.
  3. 3Pour one pudding packet in the Thermomix cup. Add 100 grams sugar and 500 grams milk. Set for 12 minutes/194°F/2.5 speed.
  4. 4Place some of the biscuit crumbs in the bottom of the serving bowl.
  5. 5When pudding mix is done, pour over the crumbs.
  6. 6Let cool completely.
  7. 7Once cool, prepare the second pudding using the same procedure above. Pour second pudding over the first. Pour the pudding through a spoon to keep from making holes in the first pudding.
  8. 8After the second pudding has cooled, repeat the procedure with the third pudding.
  9. 9Refrigerate overnight.
  10. 10Before serving, whisk the cream with a tablespoon of sugar until very firm. Spread the whipped cream over the pudding. Sprinkle the top with the remaining biscuit crumbs. ts.
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