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  • 4 zucchini (julienned with a julienne peeler or spiralizer, about 4 cups)
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • salt and ground black pepper (to taste)
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Yummly User
Laura G. 21 Feb 2017
Yum! I really enjoyed how the noodles turned out, I did al dente, and it was nice to have the different options and how long to strain. Other recipes leave that out, and the salt and straining is most important!!
Annerose R. 18 Dec 2016
I love the recepie and the practical video. Thank you very much. I will cook it after the Holiday’s with basil tomato sauce.
Linh Sherrod 3 Dec 2016
Definitely the best way to make zoodles. I make sure I coat it with a lot of salt to push out as much water. And longer process is better!
Anne W. 18 Jul 2016
I've made this using a mandolin and dehydrating by placing in a teatowel, squeezing all the liquid out and leaving to dry out. Made a tomato/basil sauce and parmesan shavings to go with it and it was so yummmmmmy. Who says vegetarian is boring.
Kaela Z. 12 Jul 2016
I need to try these again the slower way. Mine did not dehydrate much and they were soggy. They tasted good though!
Berto w. 16 Jun 2016
This was amazing ! I changed it up and grated the zucchini tossed it in with my grilled chicken and it was the best replacement for pasta!!
Lizzy K. 5 May 2016
I tried this recipe tonight with some parm cheese and tomatos, so good and dehydration directions worked well!
Carissa S. 18 Feb 2016
Very good and easy I love it if you put on it some butter or soak in salt water they are very good and everyone in the family is shore to to love them
Madeleine R. 24 Aug 2015
Easy recipe! I always do both steps (salting the noodles, and letting them dry in the fridge for 1-2 hours) to get a more "noodley" texture. Definitely worth getting a spiralizer or julienne peeler.