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  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (cut into 1-inch pieces)
  • salt
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • 1/2 cup basil pesto (try other pesto flavors too!)
  • 1/2 cup low-fat mozzarella cheese (grated)
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Yummly User
Heather 2 days ago
Delicious!! And so easy. I’m going to pass it along to my daughter in college so she can cook a healthy meal.
Helene 14 Aug
Delicious. I would make it again. It was easy and simple.
Dugan 24 Jul
It was delicious! Very easy to make. Make sure to cut the chicken that small, as it keeps it incredibly juicy. We had pasta as a side and it was perfect
Amber Z. 21 Jul
I added sliced tomatoes on top of the chicken while it baked before sprinkling with mozzarella, and had cauliflower rice as a side. Incredibly easy and delicious meal!
Maureen C. 11 Jul
Delicious!!!! Everyone liked it. Easy to make.
Stormborn 18 Jun
Perfect. Couldn’t have been easier, everyone loved it. Served with angel hair pasta and steamed broccoli. Big hit. Definitely adding to the regular rotation.
Tricia 4 Jun
Never fails... Delicious, every time!
Toni 22 May
We are always looking for different ways to prepare chicken. This was a quick and easy recipe. We used boneless chicken thighs because that is what we had and it still turned out great.
Santana 11 Apr
Great recipe! Easy to make. Make sure you properly season chicken so it isn’t bland. I used salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning for my chicken
delicious! would make again.
Lala 12 Mar
Super easy and delicious
Served with broccoli, cauliflower and carrot medley buttered and seasoned with Italian seasoning. Whole meal went over great...especially with the 2yo!
Hi 28 Jan
All the family loved it. Whew, something easy and popular!
Rose 27 Nov 2017
Easy recipe and my teenage boys loved it over rice. I used the pepper jack cheese that someone suggested in a review. Very good!
Daniela Reiner 27 Nov 2017
I've made this dish twice, and I really like it. When I take out the chicke from the oven, i pour out the water that the chicken had, that way, its not so watery. I love the pesto basil flavor.
Heather W. 15 Nov 2017
Add cheese parmesan and garlic to really bring out all the flavors good overall
Desiree Molina 20 Oct 2017
surprisingly the kiddos loved it. ages 7 r and 1. they asked for more! at first they were skeptical because of the color green. but one bite and they were amazed!
Revermarie 19 Oct 2017
I seasoned the chicken more since a tiny bit of salt & pepper doesn’t really provide a lot of flavor. I added oregano, paprika, & something I can’t think of right now, no salt, & kept the black pepper. I even cooked some garlic within the chicken & added some rosemary on top of it.
Chris 10 Oct 2017
So easy and flavorful didn't add any extra seasoning just pesto and topped with cheese
Nikki C. 2 Oct 2017
Very easy week day dinner!!! And delicious!
Carsen Vannoy 9 Sep 2017
My dish turned out really good! The pesto did come out more watery and I had to use more than listed but it still tasted great. The whole family loved it.
Stacia F. 2 Sep 2017
I added spinach and seasoned my chicken it was delicious. My 8 yr old son ate it up. I will definantly make again.
Emma 1 Sep 2017
Really pleased with the outcome of this recipe. I served with rice and broccoli and tasted lovely. Really simple and quick to make so perfect for midweek meals. Everyone commented on how nice it tasted. Thankyou!
Ashley Mitzel 22 Aug 2017
This was more bland than i thought
Criddles 19 Aug 2017
Easy to follow and oh so yummy!
Shawna SMarti 17 Aug 2017
Great!! I didn't cover as I didn't have aluminum, but it still turned out delicious.
Amanda Tiberio 16 Aug 2017
Very tasty, and easy to make! I love cheese, so I added closer to a cup, and I don't regret that decision!
Hermann Buxmann 15 Aug 2017
This was very easy to make and tasted very nice. I added some onion to the mix. Needed longer cooking time at higher temperature though. The pesto that I used was a bit oily, otherwise very good!
Horton 10 Aug 2017
wonderful dish. wasn't watery like most of the comments I've read. tasted amazing my finance was skeptical at first but he loves it now. will make again. :) .. 2 thumbs up!!!!
Jolyn Vitale 7 Aug 2017
Delicious !!!! I didn't modify the recipe at all and I'll definitely be making it again! Everyone in the house loved it