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  • 400 grams coconut milk (can of)
  • 200 milliliters Baileys Irish Cream (3/4 cup + 2 Tblsps, This will be very boozy! Reduce for a more subtle result)
  • 200 grams dark chocolate
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Calories550Calories from Fat290
Total Fat32g49%
Saturated Fat24g120%
Trans Fat
Calories from Fat290
Total Carbohydrate44g15%
Dietary Fiber4g16%
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


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J B. 26 Nov 2017
As another reviewer said, it was quite rich. Not only that but quite strong on the alcohol. I used small glass yogurt containers I had saved. Even in these tiny things, I could only eat half. As much as I love chocolate, I think I would have rather had the Baileys on the rocks for dessert instead of this.
Caitlin D. 15 Mar 2017
@Pam B FEBRUARY 8, 2016 BY: CHRISTINE EASY BAILEYS CHOCOLATE POT Prep time 15 mins Total time 15 mins Serves: 4-6 INGREDIENTS 400g (14oz) can of coconut milk 200mls (3/4 cup + 2 Tblsps) Baileys Irish Cream (This will be very boozy! Reduce for a more subtle result) 200g (7oz) dark chocolate INSTRUCTIONS Before you get started, you'll need to refrigerate the coconut milk in its can overnight, or freeze it for a few hours. This allows the coconut milk to separate. Open the can of coconut milk and the thick cream should have set on the top. Spoon the cream out into a mixing bowl and discard the water left behind (you can keep this in the fridge and re-use it in a smoothie if you like) Melt the chocolate in a double broiler, or a microwave, whatever works for you. Set aside. Using a stand or hand mixer, beat the coconut milk on a high speed until it's silky and airy. It will take a few minutes. Add the Baileys to the coconut milk very slowly, followed by the melted chocolate, mixing continuously to incorporate them whilst letting as much air in as possible. Be sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula on occasion. Once all of the ingredients are in, mix on high speed for an extra few moments for good measure. Portion into ramekins, small glasses or wine glasses. Place in the refrigerator for a few hours to achieve a silky, puddingy texture, or overnight for a more firm / set result. NOTES Use full fat, unsweetened coconut milk. (I like Sainsbury's own brand, if you're in the UK) Depending on the size of your ramekins / glasses, you'll get 4 to 6 desserts out of this. I used leftover ramekins from GU puds in the batch I photographed, and it made 5. PS I made this and it turned out wonderfully! Yes, I made it kind of early...but I have been making bailey desserts early all week! This one is so easy and the coconut milk doesn't overpower anything at all you can barely taste it.
Sue & Moe Ethier 19 Sep 2016
Good! Having said that, these are VERY rich, so make portions small. I used champagne glasses and no one could finish theirs as it was too heavy a dessert. Hope that gives you and idea of portion size.
Bernice D. 4 Mar 2016
Made this for my son-in-law yesterday; of course I tasted it, too. It is delicious and rich tasting. My daughter had found Coconut Cream and I used this in the recipe. It set up wonderfully.
Melissa S. 15 Feb 2016
What an easy and delicious dessert!!! Very sweet and boozy, like the author said. But good!! The serving size is small, as it should be because it is very rich. Will make it again!
Kyle H. 15 Feb 2016
Rich and delicious! I added a 2 packs of Truvia and a tbsp of vanilla. Next time I will try it with Rumchata because I like the taste better than Baileys.
Janine D. 14 Feb 2016
Just made these for a Valentine's dessert, and they are really delicious! I made a batch w/ Baileys for the grown-ups. For the kids, I just used the whole can of coconut milk. I whipped the cream, then added the coconut water back in, in place of the booze. Turned out great!
Steve A. 13 Feb 2016
Very nice. Liked using a syrup(varied) to control flavor and sweetness,which also opened the door to different flavors. Guest have fun guessing who will end up with what flavor.
Dana W. 13 Feb 2016
Great and no changes needed (a little sweet but no one noticed). A type of recipe I can actually make (not a great cook or baker). Now I can admit to doing both. I'm a motorcycle rider and this will be made for fund raisers, benefits, and other functions.