Apple Jam

Apple Jam


Here's what to make after a day of apple picking: Homemade apple jam that's spiced with cinnamon sticks and sweetened with brown sugar (light or dark, take your pick). Brown sugar adds a wonderful molasses taste to the jam, for deeper, rounder flavor than when made with regular (white) sugar. Here the jam is processed in a bread machine, and whether you choose to puree it after its ready is up to you.


1 kilogram apples
500 grams brown sugar
2 cinnamon sticks


1Place the ingredients in the pot (first the apples, then the brown sugar, then the cinnamon sticks) and set it to the jam setting. Remove. Then remove the cinnamon sticks and blend with a hand blender (this year I've barely used the blender because I prefer the chunks of apple).
2Place it in sterilized jars and it's ready to serve.
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