Almond and Mini Marshmallows Dark Chocolate Fudge

On dine chez Nanou
Almond and Mini Marshmallows Dark Chocolate Fudge


A variation on an age-old favorite. Firm, crunchy, and soft mixed together. These sweets cry for a glass of water to help dilute their richness.


300 grams dark chocolate
260 grams sweetened condensed milk
10 grams butter
30 grams almonds (sticks, roasted in a pan)
40 grams mini marshmallows


1Chop the chocolate with a knife.
2Heat up the condensed milk and butter in a bain-marie.
3Add the chopped chocolate in 3 increments and mix. Cook 5 minutes over low heat stirring so the mixture thickens.
4Remove from heat, add the almonds, and then wait 5 minutes before adding the marshmallows (so they do not soften from the chocolate's heat).
5Pour into a silicone mold or in a dish lined with parchment paper. Smooth the surface with a spatula.
6Let harden overnight in the refrigerator.
7Cut them with a knife.
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