16 Bean Soup

16 Bean Soup


16 ounces bean soup mix (package 16)
2 onions (larges, diced)
3 stalks celery (diced)
20 baby carrots
6 bay leaves
1 turkey legs (smoked)
3 packets ham (goya, flavored concentrate)
2 1/2 water
20 chopped tomatoes (with onion/garlic)
1 seasoning (itilian)
1 garlic (crystals)


1Check beans for pebbles. Place in large pot with 6 cups water. Bring to boil, cover & boil 2 minutes. Let stand 1 hour. No peeking. Drain & return to pot. Add rest of ingredients and 5 cups water 1 quart chicken stock. Bring to boil, cover & simmer about an hour. or pressure cook beans for 25 min.
2Put everything in stock pot execp the turkey and bring to boil,then turn down and simmer for one hour.after one hour of simmering add turkey legs for another hour,then remove skin and shred meet into the soup and serve. can add cheese or sour cream as a condiment.
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