15-minute Soup

La Cocina de Babel
15-minute Soup


You are on your own for dinner tonight and want something quick and easy. Look no further than this recipe for a delicious and hearty soup ready in just 15 minutes. Made with ham or shredded chicken, this broth based soup features spaghetti for a fun noodle soup. Red chile peppers and turmeric add a bit of spice to the soup and mint leaves add a complementary refreshing flavor. A wonderfully quick and delicious hot soup on a cold day.


1 tablespoon serrano ham (finely diced, or shredded chicken)
350 milliliters chicken stock
30 grams spaghetti
1/2 eggs (boiled)
1/2 red chili peppers (finely sliced)
mint leaves


1In a pot, add the ham, a pinch of turmeric, and the stock. Bring to a boil and then add the spaghetti. Cook according to package directions.
2Remove from heat and add the boiled egg, chili pepper, and mint leaves.
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