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At Yummly, we firmly believe there is nothing a Crockpot can't do. From simple and delicious appetizers to entire weeknight meals, your crockpot can create the best no-hassle dishes ever to come out of your kitchen. Instead of searching all over Google and Pinterest for that one magic recipe, sit back and scroll through dozens of Yummly's quick crockpot favorites right here.

Easy Chicken Crockpot Recipes

Easy crockpot chicken recipes might be the kind of meals with the most variation and ve…

satility on the planet. You could make a jumbo-sized bowl of Asian teriyaki or sweet and sour chicken (like the mall kind, but without the sugar crash) served over brown rice one night, and the next, head south of the border for a Mexican enchilada meal without the inevitable tortilla-chip carb load you'd get from going out for Tex-Mex. The best part about these dishes is that they have all the convenience of takeout without the added fat and salt. You could make these same restaurant-style recipes at home with simple, healthy ingredients.

Main courses aren't all chicken is good for either. There are dozens of appetizers you could whip up using chicken, too!

Crockpots were designed to feed one, large families, or a crowd of hungry sports fanatics. Rev up your crockpot and kick off the game with a batch of delicious spicy Buffalo chicken wings. Start with a sweet and savory spice rub, made using brown sugar and chili powder, rubbed over the wings. Once they go into the crockpot, smother them with Buffalo sauce. Using a store-bought sauce will save you time, but homemade is a snap, especially when made in a slow cooker. Serve dipping bowls with blue cheese or ranch dressing with the wings and you're all set to relax and enjoy the game.

You could also jazz up queso in a crockpot. Instead of plain cheese queso, combine Velveeta, black beans, and diced tomatoes (or use the classic RO-TEL), with taco seasoning. Then add roasted skinless chicken breast, cut into bite-sized cubes. Now you've got yourself an appetizer that can be served on nachos or rolled into a warm flour tortilla. For a serious crowd-pleaser, serve both.

Easy Beef Crockpot Recipes

Think your crockpot is limited to chicken or appetizers? Think again! A crockpot is beef's best friend. From beef stew to barbecue brisket, your crockpot can take the toughest cut of beef and turn it into a tender, mouth-watering sensation.

Beef stew is comfort food in a bowl. There are so many ways of making stew could be a hassle without your trusty crockpot. Using a standard stovetop recipe, it can be hard to get just the right cook time for a tender cut of meat. Not so in a crockpot. Set to low for 8 to 10 hours and you’re sure to get that melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction that you expect from stew. A hearty, savory crockpot stew with potatoes, carrots, celery, chicken broth, seasoning, and spices will have your family saying “Yum!”

Feel like visiting the Lone Star state? Arguably, home to the best barbecue on the planet. Well, you don't have to purchase a round-trip flight to Texas when you crave Texas’ famous fall-off-the-bone beef brisket. You know the drill, grab that crockpot and let a rack of beef brisket simmer in barbecue sauce and by the end of the day, you’re ready to chow down.

You can also kick up the flavor about 10 notches by preparing homemade spice rub and barbeque sauce rather than using a store-bought brand. We think you'll be pleased with the results! Start off with a spice mix to rub on the beef brisket -- usually consisting of spices like brown sugar, paprika, garlic, and cumin. Then place the ingredients for the homemade barbecue sauce in the crockpot (vinegar, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and spices) add the beef and leave to slow cook for 8 to 10 hours. The result is a flavorful, tender and juicy brisket that even the pickiest of cowboys will tip their hat to.

Easy Pork Crockpot Recipes

Pork is a busy-family favorite because of the simple, flavourful results you can rely on. You could cook pork in the oven, in the smoker, or even braised on the stove for several hours, but the crockpot is by far the easiest method when it comes to preparing “the other white meat.” Especially when you want to have lots of leftovers to eat throughout the week.

For great, flexible weeknight meals, try making pulled pork, which works just as well in a sandwich smothered in barbecue sauce and topped with pickles as a taco layered with queso fresco cheese and dressed with radishes. If you want to stay on the lighter side, go with a lighter cut of pork, like pork loin. The pork shoulder is delicious but more marbled, so therefore, fattier. Either way, you will have enough deliciousness left over to enjoy for a couple of lunches this week.

Infuse your pork with flavor by cooking it in a sauce of your choice. You could go for a simple garlic and butter sauce or complex sweet and sour sauce, made using soy sauce, ginger, and lemon sauce. After the pork is finished cooking, take the juices at the bottom of the pot and add it to your garlic or sweet and sour sauce. Thicken it by adding a small amount of cornstarch, salt, and pepper to get a delicious meat-and-gravy weeknight meal.

Do you know what else is a favorite comfort-food meal? Pork chops. Believe it or not, you can make these in your crockpot and save a bunch of prep time, compared to traditional oven-roasted pork. Again, the gravy will be the vehicle that delivers the most flavor from your pork chop, but you still need to season the meat well before putting it into the crockpot. Garlic powder, salt, and pepper work great as a basic spice rub. Lock in moisture by combining brown gravy with beef broth and then pour over your pork chops. Thicken the gravy by mixing in some cornstarch and pan juices. Cook low for 6 to 7 hours or high for 3 to 4 hours. When it’s finished, use a meat thermometer to take the internal temperature. Once it hits 145 degrees, your quick crockpot pork is done and you’re on your way to a calm and relaxing evening!

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