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Yummly & Jawbone: Analysis of Healthy Habits by Day of the Week

Yummly inspires over 15 million users to eat better with recipe recommendations that cater to their unique tastes and dietary preferences. We know that cooking at home is a great way to keep a healthy and balanced diet, so we are excited to announce that Yummly is partnering with Jawbone to allow UP users to get a full view of their eating and exercise habits.

UP by JawboneTM helps people live better by providing personalized insight into how they sleep, move and eat. This new partnership will allow one-click UP meal logging from any Yummly recipe. Users will even be able to see UP's Food Score on every recipe, a number from 1 to 10 that helps users quickly assess the healthiness of a food item or meal.

When we embarked on this partnership, we found that both Yummly and Jawbone analyze data to understand user behavior and share their insights with the community. In honor of this new integration, we've investigated how searches vary over the week, and how this relates to healthiness.

Relative search volume on different days of the week

When do people search the most for

    Our data shows that healthy searches are more common earlier in the week. For example, searches for kale and quinoa peak on Monday and bottom out on Saturday. Main dish searches are also more popular during the week, with 'weeknight dinner' staples like stir fry and dishes with ground turkey highest on Tuesday. This suggests that people cook dinner at home more often during the week, avoiding less healthy takeout and restaurant food.

    Most users live for the weekend with healthy searches declining as Friday approaches. TGIF! Searches for cookies, alcohol, pizza, and dip increase substantially on Friday. Extra time on Saturday morning allows more hearty and involved breakfast options such as pancakes, French toast, and waffles. Fun's over… healthy searches increase as the weekend comes to a close and users begin preparing for the week ahead.

    Jawbone's own analysis identified some of the same dietary trends (kale, quinoa, alcohol), and additionally found that exercise is more common earlier in the week. All of these findings may be explained by the "fresh start effect" — people are more likely to work toward their goals after certain temporal landmarks, such as the beginning of a new week.

    When users are able to take a comprehensive look at their exercise and eating habits, it enables them to lead a better, healthier life. Now members of the UP community can get a head start on tracking with some of the most popular kale, quinoa and stir fry recipes. Happy tracking!

    We computed the relative volume of searches containing certain dishes or ingredients on different days of the week using one year of data. The values in the figure are percentage increases/decreases from the mean relative volume over the week. A search is considered "healthy" if a large proportion of matching recipes are healthy, as determined by our machine-learning based recipe healthiness score.

    For more information on this report, please email

    Gregory Druck Gregory Druck Head of Research

    Greg develops algorithms for extracting, structuring, searching, and recommending food-related content. He also analyzes behavioral data to understand the food world.

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