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Turkey may be the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table, but you can find recipes to make it year-round with Yummly. From turkey gravy to how to make roast turkey the right way, we've got your back on Thanksgiving and beyond.

Turkey Breast

It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy turkey breast -- and you can enjoy it many ways. Breaded and baked makes a healthy alternative to crispy fried chicken. Herbed and roasted, stuffed and slow cooked, or simply spiced and pressure cooked, there's…

a method and flavorings to match exactly what you're looking for.

Thanksgiving Turkey

While some people simply salt and pepper their turkey before sticking it in the oven, there are thousands of Thanksgiving turkey recipes to make your holiday dinner a little more interesting. If you're not having a massive feast, you can put together mini stuffed turkey for two that's just a scaled-down version of the traditional roast turkey. If you want a quick-cooking turkey, there are recipes with guides on spatchcocking turkey, so it doesn't take up oven real estate for five hours. If you're going to deep fry it or just make it juicy, Yummly has the method you need to make it a tasty Thanksgiving turkey.

Herb Roasted Turkey

Herbs enhance the natural flavors of turkey making herb roasted turkey one of the most popular ways of making turkey for a weeknight meal or Thanksgiving dinner. If you want your turkey to have a little kick, you can try a cajun roasted turkey. If you want deep flavors, try bourbon herb-roasted turkey. Need light bites? A lemon herb recipe might be what you're looking for. Even if you have dietary preferences like keto, low carb, or paleo, there are recipes to choose from that fit your tastes and needs.

Turkey Brine

If you're new to brining turkey, you're in the right place. Brining is no easy task, but there are loads of how-tos to browse so you can find the method that works best for you. Once you decide on the right method, then you have to choose the right brining mix -- there are more than you can imagine. There's a citrus apple cider brine, beer brine, paleo brine, even a gin brine! However you want to salt your turkey, you can find the best brine for your perfect turkey right here.

Turkey Gravy

If you've never made turkey gravy before, it is as simple as collecting the drippings from your roasting pan, but how it's flavored is how you make it your own. You can make it a cream gravy, dairy-free, gluten-free, with giblets or without -- you can even find a recipe for make-ahead gravy. There are thousands of easy recipes to make amazing gravy on Yummly.

Smoked Turkey

Roasting a turkey isn't the only way to cook it. If you have a gas grill, you can smoke a turkey, and we have thousands of recipes to guide you. If you don't have a grill, you can still "smoke" it even in a slow cooker, all you need is liquid smoke. But we like to do things the hard way (read: from scratch) so there are plenty of tried and true recipes for things like honey brined turkey, applewood smoked turkey, and smoke maple turkey. Whether it's your first foray into smoking turkey or you need some new flavor ideas, you can find everything you need to make it happen on Yummly.

Rosemary Turkey

If you love rosemary as much as we do, you are in the right place. Rosemary is not just for Thanksgiving turkey -- it's for turkey 365 days of the year. Browse recipes like rosemary dijon turkey kebabs, citrus rosemary turkey breasts, and rosemary honey turkey meatballs. There is no shortage of ways to work rosemary into your turkey dinner.

Leftover Turkey

Thanksgiving leftovers are a gift for home cooks. There are so many ways to blend your Thanksgiving sides with your holiday bird for a brand new dish -- you don't have to have mile-high sandwiches piled with sweet potato casserole and cranberry relish to make sure nothing goes to waste. You can make turkey turnovers, turkey balls, or turkey curry to repurpose breast meat and side dishes in ways that are still delicious without seeming like you're repeating the same meal for a week. Leftover turkey recipes are some of the best recipes out there. They might not last you until Christmas, but you'll get a lot of mileage out of that leftover turkey.

From simple roast turkey to ground turkey formed into a turkey burger, there are thousands of turkey recipes to explore on Yummly.

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