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Whether you're in the mood for Italian or Greek, Tex-Mex or American, Asian or Mexican, you'll find ground beef recipes you will love. Explore easy ground beef recipes you can make for a weeknight meal and family favorite comfort food recipes you can have simmering in a slow cooker all day long. If you're looking for a healthier alternative to ground beef, you can substitute lean ground beef, ground sirloin, or ground turkey instead.

Ground Beef Slow Cooker Recipes

There is nothing easier…

than a slow cooker meal. Dump spices, tomato sauce, onions, garlic cloves, and ground beef into the pot and top with cheddar cheese and sour cream and you have yourself the makings of an easy beef chili recipe. You can be as creative as you want for dinner. Is Korean beef more your style? You can cook that in a slow cooker too.

Ground Beef Casserole Recipes

Throwing a dinner party? Casseroles are the perfect dish to serve. They're simple to prepare and feed a large group of people. Just throw together some vegetables, ground beef, and cheese in a baking dish and let the oven do its thing. You could stick with a plain beef casserole, or you could branch out and try your hand at a taco, green bean, or even a shepherd's pie casserole.

Ground Beef Stove-Top Recipes

Do not underestimate the ease of cooking in a large skillet. If you're looking for quick dinner ideas that will leave you with little clean-up, you'll find just what you're looking for here. Search through tons of recipes from sloppy joes to spaghetti and meat sauce. Looking for something with great flavor? Try a stir-fry with ground beef, mixed with hearty vegetables, bell peppers, green onions, sesame oil and soy sauce.

History of Ground Beef

Although ancient Europeans ate minced or chopped beef as a part of their diet, the ground beef we're familiar with today is predominately an American invention that has since been incorporated into diets worldwide. In the early 1500s, Spanish explorers introduced beef cattle to North America. Meatpacking centers became commonplace shortly thereafter. In 1912, the first hamburger patty was served on a yeast roll and the term "hamburger" became common. Today, ground beef is present in nearly 60 percent of all in-home beef servings.

Making A Health-Conscious Choice with Wholesome Ground Beef

Don't automatically assume that in an effort to eat healthily, you need to cut ground beef out of your diet. It's a good source of protein, iron, Vitamin B12, and six other essential nutrients. If you're trying to limit your fat intake, the perfect solution is to buy leaner meat. To be considered "lean," ground beef must have a lean point of 92% lean/8% fat or higher.

While consuming foods that are low in fat is important to your health, so is getting enough protein in your diet. Protein provides amino acids that help your body repair and maintain its cells. While many of these acids are found naturally in your body, there are eight that are not, and your body needs many different amino acids to operate at its very best. The eight amino acids that do not occur naturally in your body are known as essential amino acids, and the proteins such as meat, poultry, eggs, and fish that provide them are known as complete proteins. Proteins that do not provide these essential amino acids are called incomplete proteins, and although they are important, they must be combined with other proteins to provide complete proper nourishment for your body. These incomplete proteins include foods such as nuts, beans, and grains.

You can feel confident serving ground beef recipes, knowing that it is a complete protein that helps you and your family stay strong and healthy. Your body needs protein to stimulate muscle growth and improve weight management. Research shows that moderately improving your protein intake can be an effective way to help manage weight. Adding complete proteins to your diet can also optimize muscle strength and metabolism, and improve overall health. Research also shows that protein from meat has an even greater effect on weight loss than plant protein, the protein found in nuts and beans.

Since ground beef is so adaptable, there are tons of ways to include it in your family favorite healthy recipes. Pairing delicious, healthy ingredients like vegetables, pasta, and beans can make your main dish even healthier and nutrient-rich. Use red pepper to make stuffed peppers, tomato paste to make spaghetti sauce, and brown sugar to make some Texas chili.

Low-fat Ground Beef Recipes

With Yummly's many options, you will never have to worry about not finding what you need for your specific diet. Try all of our healthy and low-fat recipes, including tomato-based pastas with ground beef, beef wraps in Asian styles with lettuce, Thai soups with meatballs and spices, or even baked options like nachos. Some pointers for those on a low-fat diet, make sure to get a low-fat ground beef like 95/5 or 90/10. This can help to ensure that you start with a good foundation for the meal. In many cases, healthy substitutions can be made in normal recipes and by arming yourself with this knowledge, you open yourself up to almost every recipe in the library.

Making Pastas Low Fat

When you want to make a pasta, try getting a red based pasta over white pasta as they are often lower in fat and have more vegetables in them. If you can find a vegetable based noodle this can eliminate more fat and add in more vegetables. Always remember to check the can of whatever you are buying for the fat and sugar content because it's very common on low-fat items to raise the sugar content for taste purposes.

Ground Beef Tips and Tricks

When you cook ground beef, make sure that it gets to the correct temperature to be safe to eat. This is especially important for foods like meatloaf, meatballs, and hamburgers where the center of the meat should be nothing less than 160 degrees F. To make sure that your food doesn't dry out or burn on the outside, try cooking it at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time to ensure that while cooked on the inside, they are not overdone on the outside.

If you are cooking something ground like tacos or meat and gravy, it's best to add all the seasonings in while the meat is still warm from being cooked. After cooling, the flavors and textures don't combine as well which can result in very unsatisfying bites and an overall flop for a meal.

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