If you have the right recipe, Brussels sprouts make a flavorful and filling side dish, but it can be prepared in so many different ways, you might have to try them all to figure out your favorite way to make these tiny cabbages…

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

There are two distinct ways to saute Brussels sprouts. You can cut them in half or you can shave (or thinly slice) the sprouts before tossing them in a hot pan with olive oil or butter. Both result in tasty dishes, it's just a matter of how you like your bites. Whether they're sliced or halved, you can experiment with flavorings and add-ins. Caramelized Brussels sprouts is a favorite method -- you can add things like balsamic vinegar, honey, or onions to make it a sweet-savory dish. If you like your Brussels sprouts on the dry side, seasoning them with salt and pepper is a simple way to serve them with main dishes that don't have strong flavors. Any way you prepare them, they only take a few minutes to cook.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

If you're roasting Brussels sprouts, it's best to halve them, drizzle them with oil, sprinkle them with kosher salt, and spread them out on a baking sheet in a single layer. After that, you have a few options like most roasted vegetables. Preheat your oven and slide them in. You can roast them until they're crispy and sprinkle them with parmesan cheese when you serve them. If you want to add some tang, before roasting, you can toss them in orange juice. When they're done roasting, stir in dried cranberries for a holiday veggie side that happens to be naturally vegan and gluten-free. Those are just a couple of ways to make roasted Brussels sprouts -- there are many recipes to check out on Yummly.

Bacon & Brussels Sprouts

Bacon and Brussels sprouts make a great flavor combination -- you can saute them together, roast them together, or just toss them together -- it doesn't matter how you do it, it's going to be delicious. For roasting, you first cut up the bacon and fry it just enough to let some of the fat to render. You then toss the Brussels sprouts in the bacon fat and bacon before transferring the mixture to a sheet pan for roasting. Toss it all with walnuts and serve. For sauteed Brussels sprouts, sautee the sprouts and bacon separately if you want crispy bacon. The total time for either method is minimal, and you can season them with a variety of spices to make your weeknight dinners healthier and tastier. Brussels sprouts are naturally low-carb, so combining them with bacon is great for keto diets.

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Brussels Sprouts make surprisingly delicious salads and slaws. A shaved Brussels sprouts caesar uses all the ingredients of a classic caesar salad but trades the romaine for sprouts. You can also make a salad with the full leaves -- just make sure to trim the outer leaves and discard them and keep in mind that the leaves are small so prep time might take a little bit longer than a kale salad might. If you find that the leaves are too tough to eat raw, you can warm the salad or dress it in a vinaigrette and eat it the next day.

However you want to eat your Brussels sprouts, Yummly has hundreds of recipes to explore.

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