Most cultures have a great signature beef short ribs, which means that if you haven't tried making them, you're probably missing out. But don't worry, Yummly has thousands of different recipes to choose from so it won't be hard to find one that suits your taste…

Braised Short Ribs

A lot of recipes for beef short ribs call for braising the meat. Most braised beef short ribs recipes direct you to sear the meat on medium-high heat first to brown it before putting it in the oven to sit in a rich cooking liquid for several hours until it's fork-tender.

Red Wine

Red wine is one of the most common ingredients in the cooking liquid for braised short ribs along with things like tomato paste, beef broth or beef stock, and garlic cloves. It's all mixed in a Dutch oven or the bottom of a roasting pan covered with aluminum foil so the ribs are cooked by both the liquid and the steam from the liquid. You can use just about any big, red wine like cabernet sauvignon or merlot, but it's ok to use an inexpensive bottle.

Slow Cooker and Crock Pot Short Ribs

The cooking liquid can also be added to a slow cooker or crock pot if you prefer that over a conventional oven. The prep time and method are the same but the slow cooker takes a few hours longer.

BBQ Short Ribs

You can find plenty of American BBQ short rib recipes, but you'll have better luck and probably a better dinner if you go for Korean BBQ short ribs. The method is very much the same, but the braising liquid will have different ingredients like ginger, brown sugar, and sesame oil. Those you'd serve with sticky rice while American short ribs can be served with mashed potatoes, polenta, or egg noodles. Most of these recipes are for bone-in short ribs, but if you use the boneless short ribs, you can serve them as sliders.

Instant Pot Short Ribs

Instant pots and pressure cookers do all the work of ovens and slow cookers in a fraction of the time. The method is slightly different in that you sear the ribs in the pot on the ""saute"" setting and let them cook for about eight minutes, remove them and then start your cooking liquid in the pot before transferring the meat back into the pot and then let them cook for about 45 minutes. The cook time is a bit shorter, but there's no less work involved.

However you want to make your short ribs, we have a recipe for them. From oven-braised Korean barbecue ribs to pressure cooker ribs, you can find thousands to choose from on Yummly.

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