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Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore! So many dishes can be improved with a sprinkle of bacon bits or but if you're wondering what meals you can make with bacon, you're in the right place. From appetizers to desserts, there are thousands of the best bacon recipes to work into any meal on Yummly.

Bacon-Wrapped Recipes

What can you wrap with bacon? The easier question is: What can't you wrap with bacon? There are many ways to get creative with the recipes. If you want something common…

bacon-wrapped sausage is an easy recipe to whip up, but if you want a little less meat, you can try bacon-wrapped asparagus or bacon-wrapped avocado fries. Or for something unconventional, there's a recipe for bacon-wrapped onion rings. For sweet and savory bites, you can try bacon-wrapped pineapple chunks.

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Recipes

Bacon is a great way to add a little more flavor to chicken. A sprinkling of bacon bits over apricot chicken with brie cheese gives the dish a crunch which chopped chicken and bacon mixed with cheese makes a meal of zucchini boats, but the most popular flavor combination is bacon-chicken-ranch which can be mixed and modified to make otherworldly meals.

Bacon Pasta Recipes

While spaghetti carbonara is the typical bacon pasta dish, there are other visionary dishes that make the most of bacon' flavor and pasta's texture. Bacon avocado pasta uses rotini pasta and tomatoes with a sprinkling of parmesan for a simple one-pot meal. For an unconventional dish, bacon and pumpkin pasta gives you fall flavors that complement the smokiness of the bacon. For more vegetables, you can find recipes like pasta with cauliflower and bacon sauce. For a kid-friendly dish, BLT ranch pasta salad is tame and works in tomatoes. Or leave out the vegetables and just make a bacon cheeseburger pasta bake! With or without vegetables, there are thousands of ways to combine bacon and pasta.

Bacon and Cheese Recipes

Bacon and cheese are a magical flavor and texture combination. On breakfast sandwiches, they give you the flavor to kick start your day. Swap out the bread for potatoes and you have a breakfast skillet. For low carb and keto diets, there's no better combination than cheese and bacon. For a one-dish meal, broccoli mac and cheese with bacon makes a great weeknight dinner while bacon cream cheese bombs make a great snack. But there are many more recipes to combine bacon and cheese.

Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Recipes

If you're looking for bacon and Brussels sprouts recipes, there are few ways to try them. Glazed, shaved, roasted, or steamed -- there's a technique that covers everyone's skills. If you want to experiment with other ingredients there are recipes with cheese, breadcrumbs, or horseradish. Throw some diced apples in there to cut the salt of the bacon and the bitterness of the Brussels sprouts for a truly transcendent side dish. There are dozens of recipes to discover to match whatever flavors or cooking methods you want to use.

Oven Baked Bacon Recipes

If you're making bacon, you're not limited to the stovetop -- the oven works well for bacon even if you want to cook plain strips to get crisp bacon. Pull-apart bacon ranch sliders or cheddar bacon chicken tenders all come together in the oven for rich meals. But if you're feeling adventurous with bacon strips, those strips can be flavored. Bacon pecan praline, candied bacon, and even whiskey candied bacon are all oven-baked goodness and you can find the recipes right here.

Bacon and Eggs Recipes

How would you like your bacon and eggs? There's a recipe for just about any way you can imagine this breakfast duo. You can start your days with a no-carb bacon and egg cup, bacon and eggs muffins, or baked into crescent roll ring. If you want something more unique, toasted hominy with bacon and eggs is a way to mix up the flavors and textures. Whatever your preferences are, there's a combination you didn't know you wanted to try.

Brown Sugar Bacon Recipes

Like brown sugar with your bacon? You can combine the two in a multitude of recipes. On pork chops, in biscuits, with sriracha, in baked beans, twisted up in puff pastry, and even inside waffles -- browse recipes for unique ideas and ways to make your brown sugar and bacon interesting.

Bacon Breakfast & Snack Recipes

It's almost too easy to find bacon recipes for breakfast and there's not much that beats crispy bacon alongside French toast doused in maple syrup, but there are hundreds of unique recipes that weave bacon into a meal to make it magical. Bacon-wrapped breakfast burrito? Yes, please! And if you follow a keto diet, you know that "fat bomb" with bacon for breakfast is not a bad thing. For snacks and appetizers, bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese are a traditional hors-d'oeuvre, but for easy bacon appetizer recipes, you can wrap most fruit, vegetables, and seafood -- asparagus, pears, shrimp -- in bacon and put it on a serving tray. Your guests will thank you.

Bacon Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Main dishes made with bacon are easy to come by -- meatloaf with a layer of bacon on top makes a juicy, flavorful meal, and a bacon cheeseburger or a grilled cheese with bacon are common meals -- but you can mix it up. Slather your burger with bacon jam and top it with cheddar cheese or wrap your pork chops in bacon with a side of mashed potatoes to give your meal balance. If your meal only requires the essence of bacon, try a bacon mac, bacon potato salad, a salad topped with homemade bacon ranch, or roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon for side dishes with meaty accents. Understated or over-the-top, there's a delish bacon recipe for just about every dinner table.

Bacon Dessert Recipes

While maple bacon is the perfect balance of salty and sweet, there are hundreds of dessert recipes that involve bacon. Try saying no to maple-bacon fudge or bacon chocolate bark! They're both easy recipes, but if you want to get really creative with your bacon desserts, you can try your hand at bacon baklava or bacon brittle -- both would make great Christmas treats for holiday parties. There's no reason to dismiss bacon as dessert!

While Elvis was onto something with his peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich, there are many unique bacon recipes to choose from. Whatever type of bacon recipe you're looking for, start your search on Yummly.

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