What's for Dinner? Check Your Meal Plan to Find Out.

Announcing Yummly's New Meal Planner: What's for Dinner? Check Your Meal Plan to Find Out.

Say goodbye to mid-week dinner dilemmas, last-minute trips to the store, and wasted food with Yummly's new Meal Planner.

Healthier, better-tasting meals are easier than you think with help from Yummly! Try it free now.

Want more time and money? So do we! And if there's a hack around, you can bet we've tried it. When it comes to managing the day-in-day-out demands of feeding your family, there's one thing we've found that helps more than anything else: meal planning. After extensive research, info-gathering from users, and in-house testing, we found that choosing recipes in advance is one of the most effective strategies to help you stick to your goals, whether you want to cook more, eat healthy meals, save money, or reduce stress. That's why we created the personalized Yummly Meal Planner, available now to Yummly subscribers.

Introducing Yummly Meal Planner

Meal planning doesn't have to be complicated, but a good meal planning app can make it even simpler. Here are just a few of the things that make Yummly's Meal Planner unique:

Personalized. Yummly's recommendation engine looks at the diet, allergies, and dislikes you've put into your Yummly preferences profile to choose recipes just for you — no one-size-fits-all plans here. We support a variety of diets including keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, and more.

Flexible. Our recommendations are just a starting point (choose as many or few as you like). Want to make one of your favorite recipes instead? Use the “Add to Meal Plan” button on any of the 2-million-plus recipes on Yummly to add it to your current plan. 

Convenient. Your meal plan is connected to the Yummly Shopping List to make grocery shopping a cinch. Take your list to the grocery store or, if you live in the U.S., place an order through Yummly to order groceries for pickup or delivery from a local store.

The Meal Planner really works its magic when used in conjunction with the Shopping List. With our Smart Shopping List, you can:

  • Generate a list of all the ingredients in your meal plan with one click

  • Add individual ingredients to your list directly from recipes

  • Auto-sync lists between your computer, phone, and tablet

  • Order groceries online for pickup or delivery

  • Add custom or non-food items

  • Sort your grocery list by aisle or recipe for easy shopping and cooking

How to meal plan, in three easy steps.

The most important part of meal planning is finding a system that works for you — one you can stick with for the long haul. For many people, that means keeping it as simple as possible. Here's our three-step breakdown:

  1. Create Your Menu. Pick the recipes you'll cook in the next week — as many or few as you like — and add them to your plan. We'll supply personalized recommendations every week to keep you inspired.

  2. Get Your Groceries. Click to add the ingredients for your chosen recipes to your Shopping List, then take it on the go with the Yummly app, print or email your list for your partner, or simply order groceries through Yummly.

  3. Cook, Review, Repeat! Get cooking, then review that recipe for even better recommendations. All done? Clear your Meal Plan and start planning your next adventure! It gets better every week.

How Meal Planner works

Yummly digs into our database of over 2 million recipes to provide recommendations using a custom algorithm that returns recipes just for you. For best results, make sure you've updated your food preferences so we can give you more of what you like (and avoid those stinky brussels sprouts, if you want). 

We'll take your dietary restrictions into account when we suggest new meals, and give you a variety of ideas to get you started. You'll get suggestions for Quick & Easy Meals, recipes with 10 ingredients or less, ideas from your own saved recipe collections, and more.

Your recommendations change each week so you won't get bored. And every time you rate a recipe, we'll use that data to make your recommendations even better the following week, be it in the Meal Planner, in Yummly email newsletters, or the recipe suggestions that pop up in your Yummly homefeed.

Note: The Yummly Meal Planner is available to paid subscribers. 


Where can I find this nifty Meal Planner?

Meal Planner is currently available on the Yummly website or in the Yummly app, available for iOS and Android. For the full Meal Planner experience on the web, select "Plan & Shop" from the main Yummly navigation on the left-hand side of the screen. Or, quickly access Meal Planner from any page in Yummly by selecting the notebook icon at the top of the screen.

How do I add recipes to my plan?

Open the Meal Planner to view your personalized recommendation feed; click the plus sign on any recommended recipe to add it to your weekly meal plan. You can pick your own recipes from anywhere on the site as well: Just click on the notebook icon on the recipe details page (where it says "Add to Meal Planner") to add it to your plan.

Can I change my plan?

You can edit your weekly meal plan at any time (yes, even mid-week). To remove a recipe, just click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the recipe card, or to delete everything in your plan, select the "Clear All" button at the top of the page. You can also add new recipes to your plan at any time if you want to change things up as you go through the week.

Can I print my plan?

Of course. Click the “...” at the top of the Meal Planner or Shopping List to open the menu for additional options, including print.

How does grocery ordering work?

It's simple. Click “Buy Ingredients” in your Shopping List to place an online order for grocery delivery or pickup from a local grocery store — in as little as an hour. (This service is currently only available in the US).

How do I get my customized shopping list?

You can view and manage your shopping list from three different places — and can use it in conjunction with your meal plan or by itself.

  • Meal Planner: Yummly can generate a complete list of everything you need for your weekly meal plan. Just click the “Add All Meals to Shopping List” button at the top of the page, and we'll populate your Shopping List for you. (Don't worry, you can remove anything you already have on hand).

  • Shopping List: To add additional items (or use the list feature without a meal plan), head on over to the Shopping List tab. Click “Add Ingredient” to add any item you can think of — we’ll even give you suggestions as you type.

  • Recipe Pages: No need to navigate elsewhere if you're in the middle of browsing recipes — you can update your list from any recipe details page. Add individual items or the entire ingredient list; it's up to you.

Your shopping list syncs automatically across all your devices, including desktops, tablets, and phones. Make sure you have the Yummly app installed on your device and are logged in to your account so you can get your list no matter where you are.

Want to learn more about meal planning? Check out our meal-planning articles for tips, tricks, and recipe ideas to help you become a meal-planning pro.