Today marks the 135th and final launch of the Atlantis.  Four brave NASA astronauts are bound for the International Space Station to hand off 8,000 pounds of supplies and parts, and after their 12 day journey is over, so is the forseeable future of American manned spaceflight.  In honor of this historic event, here are some tasty treats that will send you over the moon and leave you seeing stars! (Alternative puns: They're outta this world! They're astro-not your typical goodies! I'm star-ving!)

Homemade Moon Pies (from Jason and Shawnda)

Lighter Moons over my Hammy (from Chaos in the Kitchen)

Starfruit Smoothies (from Notecook)

Lemon Stars (from Culinary Covers)

Blue Moon Cocktail

Photo by James Carrier

Pistachio Pudding Rocket Pops

Photo by Erin Cooks