For all the space your microwave takes up in the kitchen, you should use it for more than steaming veggies and reheating food. Microwaves have a bad reputation in the kitchen because of frozen TV dinners and other unhealthy edibles, but it's good for so much more than that! You can make great gourmet food with a microwave, just as you would with an oven, grill, or any other kitchen tool. Here are a few dishes you might never have expected to be made, homemade, from the microwave!

[Microwave Lasagna

Microwave LasagnaMicrowave RisottoMicrowave BrowniesMicrowave Egg


  And here are a few other awesome dishes your microwave is good for!

  • Microwave Caramel Popcorn You can make real popcorn (not the kind pre-buttered in the bag) with a microwave! Plus, with a few ingredients like corn syrup and brown sugar, you can make a great caramel coating for it too.
  • Crispy Potato Chips Forget bagged potato chips at the store! Just thinly slice some potatoes at home (preferably with a mandolin, since the thinner you cut it, the better!) and microwave it at intervals. Click the link for full directions!
  • Frothy Milk Foam for Coffee You don't need a fancy machine to top your coffee with tasty milk foam! All you need is a jar and milk!
  • Bread and Butter Pickles You'll need a few nice cucumbers, your typical pickling ingredients, and a microwave safe container, but the end result is perfectly tasty pickles!
  • Croutons Want crispy, crunchy croutons to top off your Caesar Salad? No problem! You can do that in a microwave too.
  • Cornbread You don't need an oven to bake a delicious batch of cornbread this holiday season. Save your oven space for the bird, and make your cornbread in the microwave.
  • Peanut Brittle If you've got a sweet tooth, you can make sweet, crunchy peanut brittle in the microwave too! Just let it cool on a baking sheet and crumble as you normally would.

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