A hearty bowl of chili is the perfect culinary compliment to a night of snuggling up to a warm fleece blanket, sunk into the cushions of a soft, cozy couch.  Chili is all about convenience and comfort. All you need to do is toss the right ingredients into a pot (or crock pot) and let the flavors meld together into a melange of smoky, savory deliciousness while you kick back and relax.  Great food doesn't have to be hard, and this low-maintenance meal is the proof!  

Crock Pot Two Bean Spicy Chili (from Baked by Rachel)Crock Pot Two Bean Spicy Chili

Pork and Turkey Chili (from allison eats.)Pork and Turkey Chili

Green Chicken Chili (I Breathe Therefore I am... Hungry!)Green Chicken Chili

Cincinnati Chili (from Our Life in Food)Cincinnati Chili

Beef, Butternut & Bacon Chili (from The Café Sucré Farine)Beef, Butternut & Bacon Chili

Turkey and Pinto Bean Chili (from healthy seasonal recipes)Turkey and Pinto Bean Chili

Adobo Chili (from Amanda's Life Commentary)Adobo Chili

Chicken Chili Verde with Beans (from Sweet Savory Planet)Chicken Chili Verde with Beans

Vegetarian Chili (from Global Dish)Vegetarian Chili

Ground Turkey and Black Bean Chili (from Coupon Clipping Cook)Ground Turkey and Black Bean Chili

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