Every now and again you come across an ad that is so brilliant, so creative and fun that you have to applaud its audacity and newness. These billboards are of that kind - so clever, they'll make you forget they're advertisements altogether. They breathe new life into simple concepts, creating interactivity in things once still and lifeless. If you want to see advertising the likes of which Don and Peggy wished they'd come up with first, these billboards are a great place to start.

Heinekin's 3D BillboardHeinekin's 3D Billboard

Nestle Candies BillboardNestle Candies Billboard

Coca Cola's Straw PostersCoca Cola's Straw Posters

McDonalds' Sundial BillboardMcDonalds Sundial Billboard

Donatos Pizza BillboardsDonatos Pizza Billboards

Maker's Mark's 18-Wheeler BillboardMaker's Mark's 18-Wheeler Billboard

Thornton's Real Chocolate BillboardThornton's Real Chocolate Billboard

Coca Cola's Straw Ladder BillboardCoca Cola's Straw Ladder Billboard

McDonalds Shakes BillboardMcDonalds Shakes Billboard

Cadbury's Dairy Milk BillboardCadbury's Dairy Milk Billboard

Mars Chilled BillboardsMars Chilled Billboards

  Photo Credits: Creative Criminals, Yum Sugar, Design World, Billboards Outdoors, Brand Autopsy, Ads of the World, Jen B