Frito-Lay is no stranger to bizarre flavors of chips - just a sampling of the strange Lays Potato Chips around the world are a fine example of that. However, their culinary experimentation hasn't been limited to just Lays. The International variety of Doritos chips are just as wild! Some of them sound very intriguing - others... well, you can be the judge of that. Would you try making any Doritos nachos out of these?

Fish TacoFish Taco

Coconut Curry DoritosCoconut Curry Doritos

Fried Chicken DoritosFried Chicken Doritos


Tuna Mayo DoritosTuna Mayo Doritos

Cool American DoritosCool American Doritos

Butter Soy Sauce DoritosButter Soy Sauce Doritos

Tandoori Doritos Tandoori Doritos

Sausage and Beer DoritosSausage and Beer Doritos

Scream CheeseScream Cheese



   Photo Credits: Robyn Lee, Excuse Meme, Spirit Cave, jpellgen, The Frisky, Dollars to Yen, Not for Consumption