3 Tips for Making Mealtime More Connected & Fun

3 Tips for Making Mealtime More Connected & Fun

Mealtimes are often the only times of the day that an entire family is in the same room at the same time. Unfortunately, sometimes this availability is purely physical. Lipton encourages you to “be more tea.” This means switching up the way you do things in order to enjoy life and those you live it with. Lipton ice tea is a great alternative to sodas or juices. It’s flavorful and refreshing, and goes great with any meal of the day. The next time you sit down with your family, serve Lipton ice tea for a natural, delicious drink that’s made with love, and use these tips to make the moments you’re spending together time for connecting on a deep level and enjoying one another’s company.

1. Lose the Gadgets

While modern technological devices have the ability to help keep us connected to people who may live across town, or even across the planet, this can sometimes get in the way of us being more connected to the family we see every day. One great way to rekindle or create deeper connections with the people we love is to put away our gadgets. This includes cell phones, televisions, radios, tablets, and handheld video games. By taking the time to do small things like looking at people when they are talking to us, asking them questions about their lives, and giving them our undivided attention, we show them that we respect and care for them. At the same time, we get to know them better and build a stronger relationship with them.

2. Talk

It seems too easy, right? Yet, for some families (possibly because they aren’t following tip #1) this is tough. In order to gain truer connectedness with the people we are with, we can start by simply talking about something positive that has happened in our life. We may have started a new relationship, finished an exciting novel, or found five dollars in an old pair of jeans. Sharing things like this may spark further conversation. If not, after we’ve shared, we can ask someone else how something in their lives is going, such as school, work, or travel plans.

3. Slow Down

One of the most valuable things we can give to anyone, especially those that we love, is our time. We’re all busy, and sometimes we forget that we–and our loved ones–won’t be around forever. Isn’t it worth letting the dishes sit for another 30 minutes while our daughter tells us about the boy she has a crush on, or to put mowing the lawn off until the next day so that we can enjoy watching a sunset with our father? We all have busy lives, but we can never reclaim the missed opportunities to spend quality time with the people we love. Don’t skimp on mealtime. Enjoy it.

Becoming more connected with others and being “more tea” simply entails fully experiencing life instead of merely completing tasks that are a small part of it. If we put as much time and energy into our family and friends as we do into our work and errands, we would probably have happier, healthier lives. So, whenever our next mealtime rolls around, let’s enjoy a few glasses of Lipton with our family. We all deserve quality tea for quality time.