Pamper Your Pet with Homemade Treats

You love your pets! Why wouldn't you? Their cuteness and affection over the years has been as consistent as their devoted companionship. Your pets have sat by your side when you were sick, snuggled up to you on cold days, and given you many hours of amusement just by being their adorable selves. They deserve a treat every now and again, and now you can make them yourself! Homemade treats are especially useful if your pet has any food allergies, but it's fun to pamper your pets anyway.  

Bacon Flavored Dog Biscuits

Carrot and Pork Dog Biscuits

Chick'n Biscuit Cat Treats

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Pet Treats

Pumpkin Bunny Rabbit Treats

Beef and Cheddar Dog Treats

Tuna Cat Treats

[Breath Freshening Dog Biscuits

Breath Freshening Dog Biscuits


    Photo Credits: _A Crafty Lass, Tasty Kitchen, The Spot Revolution, The Make Your Own Zone, Becca's Back Yard, Doggy Dessert Chef, POS Bag of Bones Bakery, Rabbit Zone_