Reggae Sumfest – the greatest Reggae show on earth – kicks off today in Jamaica!  This amazing festival brings together musicians from all around the world and to celebrate, here's are a few classic Jamaican dishes to share with all of you!  These delicious recipes will have your taste buds dancing to a brand new beat in no time!

Jerk Pork (from Closet Cooking)

Jerk Chicken (from Choosy Beggars)**

Escoveitch Fish (from Chef and Steward)**

Fried Plantains (from What's Cookin' Chicago?)**

Banana Fritters (from Roti n Rice)**

Rice and Peas (from Girl Cooks World)**

Beef Dumplings (from Big Flavors)**

Kale and White Bean Patties (from Veggie Belly)**

Roasted Pumpkin Soup (from My Kitchen Snippets)

Brown Stew Chicken (from That's So Yummy)

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