Drinking plain coffee has lots of positive health benefits; daily coffee consumption is linked to reduced risk of Parkinson's, cancer, and diabetes. Medical research suggests that enjoying 8 ounces of coffee up to 4 times a day is perfectly healthy. However, unless you're drinking it plain or with skim milk, the health benefits are outweighed by the rich additives. Enjoying a whipped cream and caramel coffee once in an while is fine, but if you're drinking it every day, it will benefit you in the long run to switch to tea.

1. Tea is healthier than coffee

Even healthful consumption of coffee can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease, and no one should be drinking it more than 4x a day. Tea, however, is low-risk and has a ton of health benefits, like lowering cholesterol, boosting your immune system, and decreasing your risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

2. You can still get your caffeine fix from tea

If you drink coffee for the caffeine, it might please you to know that tea contains caffeine as well! The level of caffeine in tea is usually 25-50% lower than regular coffee, but this also means that you will have a steadier, less intense caffeine boost.

3. Tea has a more healthful variety of flavors

Many people don't actually enjoy the flavor of plain coffee (no matter what bean/bean blend) is used, and mix it with tons of cream and sugar. One tablespoon of cream and two teaspoons of sugar can add 80 calories and 6 grams of fat!  Couple that with syrup and other additives, and you're drinking dessert, not a healthy cup of joe. Tea rarely needs as many additives for popular consumption and comes in many natural flavors.

4. Tea is economic

Unless you're buying a very expensive, rare blend of tea, tea is on average, cheaper than coffee - especially considering that (depending on the variety), tea leaves can be re-steeped multiple times without losing their flavor.

5. Tea is easier to prepare for yourself

For coffee, you need coffee filters (which are single use), a press or a coffee maker, a coffee grinder if you use fresh beans, and whatever extras you want to add to it.  Comparatively, all you need for tea is hot water.

Photo Credits: Science Daily, Fit to the Finish