This one is for the espresso lovers and caffeine addicts everywhere. Those who know how to navigate their world with one hand, while the other clutches a mug. Those who plan their morning commute around a pit-stop to the local coffee house. Whether you are the midday-Starbucks-run or mug-from-home type, this one is for you. These frozen coffee drink recipes are a perfect caffeinated cool down during the summer heat. Next time you rise and shine (or if you're a true caffeine addict, rise and sleepwalk over to the espresso maker), turn your home brew into something decadent for a change.  

[Mocha Frappuccino (from Meals in a Madhouse)

Mocha Frappuccino


[Matcha Green Tea Frappe (from TheCattyLife)

Matcha Green Tea FrappePumpkin Spice Iced Latte


[Thai Iced Coffee (from Savory Sweet Life)

Thai Iced CoffeeAffogato Al Caffe (ice-cream drowned in coffee!!)Caramel Frappe


[Frozen Coffee Souffle (from 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures)

Frozen Coffee Souffle


[Healthier Frappuccino (from Free Spirit Food)

Protein Frappuccino


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