Creative Ways to Open Wine and Beer Bottles

Creative Ways to Open Wine and Beer Bottles

When you're hankering for a sip of wine or a swig of beer, not having a bottle opener can really cramp your style.  Fortunately, these inventive drunkards from across the internet have soared to new and dazzling heights of bottle-opening ingenuity, uncovering methods of opening bottles with shoes, CDs, and even a dollar bill.  Don't let anything get in the way of your boozy adventures! Check out these awesomely creative bottle-opening methods.

Got a bottle of beer and no bottle opener? Just grab...

1. Another Bottle

2. A dollar

3. A CD

4. A Ring

How about if you have a bottle of wine, and no corkscrew?  All you need is...

1. A Shoe

2. A screw, screwdriver, and hammer

3. A pen and an apron

4. A wire hanger

Warning: If attempting to open a bottle with one of the above techniques, use caution. We are not responsible for any injury or damage incurred from such attempts!