Hop out of bed and take in the meaty aroma of bacon sizzling away on the stove! Pair it with a creamy side of scrambled, poached, or fried eggs and you'll have yourself the spitting image of an ideal American breakfast. Try out a few splendid variations on the classic morning meal, from breakfast potato hash to hearty eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce and wake up happy!

Eggs Benedict from Local MilkEggs Benedict

Hash Browns with Bacon & Onions from Jillian's KitchenHash Browns with Bacon & Onions

Mini Bacon Egg and Toast Cups from Fifteen SpatulasMini Bacon Egg and Toast Cups

Sunny Side Baconwich from All the Good Blog Names are TakenSunny Side Baconwich

Bacon and Avocado Breakfast Pizza from The Gourmet StudentBacon and Avocado Breakfast Pizza

Bacon Pancake Sticks from Cooking with MelBacon Pancake Sticks

Hash Brown Quiche from Our Family TreatHash Brown Quiche

Bite-Size Bacon Gruyere Scones from Things My Roommate MakesBite-Size Bacon Gruyere Scones

Spinach, Potato, Bacon, & Goat Cheese Frittata from Tomatoes and BasilSpinach, Potato, Bacon, & Goat Cheese Frittata

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