Did you love Crystal Pepsi? Still mourning over the loss of WOW potato chips? Check out this blast from kitchens past, as we run-down some of the most beloved, though tragically short-lived, snack foods and beverages from the grocery stores of yesteryear.  (Plus, some of these foods still exist in some form, just with new formulations and slightly different packaging! If you're really jonesing for a foodie fix, you might be able to buy it in stores!)


Following the success of their Norwegian beverage, Urge, and eager to compete with the most successful of green soft drinks: Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola released Surge in 1996. Despite initial success, stagnating sales caused them to discontinue the beverage in 2003.

Crispy M&Ms

  Crispy M&Ms had a delightful crackly rice center that was well-loved by candy-lovers everywhere since their introduction in 2001. However, they were discontinued in the US in 2005, though they are still available in some parts of Europe and Asia.  

Magic Middles

These delicious cookies came in plain, chocolate, or chocolate chip variations, and in the middle of each cookie was a delightful, creamy chocolate icing surprise! Even though they were discontinued in the 90s, there's still a lot of nostalgia around for them.

French Toast Crunch

Unless you live in Canada, French Toast Crunch is no longer available for purchase from the General Mills Company! It's similar to General Mills' other, more successful cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but tasted like and resembled mini pieces of french toast!

Four Loko

Four Loko is still being produced in name, but without any of what made it so controversial to begin with. The glorious caffeinated alcoholic drink of yesteryear has been discontinued and banned in many places in the US since 2011.

Oreo O's

Love Oreos dunked in milk? In 1998, Post released Oero O's - little chocolate, sugar-covered rings that was supposed to be just like the cookie in a delicious cereal form.  However, low sales made Post pull the plug on them in 2007.

Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi was launched in hopes of capitalizing on the popularity of "pure" foods - it tasted essentially the same as regular Pepsi, only clear. Unfortunately, the drink didn't appeal to cola-drinkers because of its color, and those who enjoyed clear drinks generally preferred 7-Up and Sprite - and so, Crystal Pepsi said bye-bye.

Wonder Balls

For the same reason that Kinder Eggs are illegal contraband in the US, Wonder Balls are no longer available for consumption. The cute, non-nutritive little toys and surprises inside the egg poses a choking hazard to children, which make them too dangerous.

Photo Credits: Kenziness, F Yeah 1990s, American Sweets, Minutest, CNN, Skool Days