Tasty Tea Cakes to Enjoy With Your Earl Grey

These tea cakes are sweet morsels of sugary goodness! Small, lightly glazed, fruity cakes are the standard tea cake throughout most of America (except the southern United States, where a tea cake is more like a large iced cookie), which differs from the more bread-like tea cakes served abroad. They're a fabulous addition to any meal and will look lovely served alongside tea at your Mother's day brunch this year!

Apple Custard Tea Cakes from Under Lock and Key

Apple Custard Tea Cakes

Lemon Poppy Madeleines from Sweet Kiera

Lemon Poppy Madeleines

Tangerine Vanilla Teacake from Tutti Dolci

Tangerine Vanilla Teacake

Olive Oil Rosemary Cake from Mostly Foodstuffs

Olive Oil Rosemary Cake

Iced Almond Cakes from mybricole

Iced Almond Cakes

Homemade Crumpets from onebitemore

Homemade Crumpets

Battenberg Cake from Cosy Bake

Battenberg Cake

Blueberry Peach Teacakes from Dandy Sugar

Blueberry Peach Teacakes

Earl Gray Tea Cupcakes from Pixel Whisk

Earl Gray Tea CupcakesMini Banoffee Teacakes

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