There's quirky and there's downright strange, and these crazy restaurants are firm finds for the latter.  From space themes and ninja themes to all kinds of curious locales, the camp, novelty, and ambiances of these places sets them far apart from the competition.  These bizarre restaurants provide for, hands-down, some of the most interesting dining experiences America has to offer!  Some of them, you might have to see to believe.  

Casa Bonita Denver, CO

There are quite a few notable qualities about Casa Bonita in Denver, Colorado.  With its over 52,000 square feet of space and seating for 1,000 diners, its sheer size is impressive.  On top of that, it features a portrait studio, an arcade, strolling musicians, and its very own indoor waterfall and pool complete with cliff divers! No wonder it's been featured in South Park as Cartman's favorite restaurant!  

Al Johnson's  Door Country, WI

Al Johnson's is an authentic Swedish Restaurant in Door Country, Wisconsin where goats wander freely on the sod roof and around the property.  They even have a "Goat Cam" where you can watch the goats frolic on the roof at your home computer! Women dressed in traditional Scandinavian garb are happy serve you up a variety of classic Swedish dishes from lingonberry pancakes to Swedish meatballs.  

Airplane Restaurant Colorado Springs, CO

The Airplane Restaurant's centerpiece is a real Boeing KC-97 tanker once used to fuel other aircraft around the world. It is one of the largest piston aircraft ever built by Boeing, and on any given day, 42 lucky customers can actually eat inside the plane at the Colorado-based, 275-seat restaurant.  There's plenty of photos, memorabilia, and rare artifacts to check out, and in their words, not only do you get great food, you get "a flight through aviation history."  

The Safe House  Milwaukee, WI

The Safe House, located down a dark alley somewhere on "Front Street," is a safe haven for the espionage inclined, family-friendly spies of Wisconsin.   You need to know the password in order to enter the nondescript exterior front entrance.  If you don't know this password (passed down from spy to spy for generations), you will likely need to pay your way inside by performing a number of embarrassing hijinks (including dancing like a chicken).  

Harvey Washbangers Bar, Grill, and Laundromat College Station, TX

Located in College Station, Texas, Harvey Washbangers is the premiere Laundromat Grill in America!  Including offering the best wings and Banger Burgers in the Brazos Valley, they have a splendid wash and fold service in addition to a full dry cleaning service!  Where else can you enjoy a great lunch and get your laundry done at the same time?  And hey, if you accidentally spill something on yourself while you're eating, your laundry's already there!  

B.E.D. Miami, FL

B.E.D., which stands for "Beverage Entertainment Dining," is a Miami club and restaurant where patrons are encouraged to dance the night away on the floor on their titular beds while watching shows with all kinds of performers from musicians to fashion models.  If you'd rather lounge in bed, their extensive menu of food and beverages is sure to please!  

Mars 2112  New York, NY

Mars 2112 is "your opportunity to transcend the space-time continuum!"  A short space ship ride takes you into the restaurant, where you are greeted by martian servers, bartenders, and other such aliens.  This futuristic, space-themed restaurant is popular among family sets and kids parties because of the crazy ambiance, the small arcade, and lovable camp of it all.  

Heart Attack Grill Dallas, TX

There's not watching your diet, and there's Heart Attack Grill.  This place revels in the most gut-busting, calorie-laden foods it can possibly serve up, from "Quadruple Bypass Burgers" featuring 4 enormous patties, to "Flatliner Fries" deep-fried in pure lard.  Waitresses are dressed in revealing nurses uniforms and patrons who are over 350 pounds eat for free.  

Opaque San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, CA

The theory behind "Opaque" is that depriving one of the senses (in this case, sight), will enhance your other senses.  Patrons are served in complete darkness by waiters and waitresses equipped with high-quality night vision goggles.  Dishes that require any sort of advanced handling, such as steak, are simply not on the menu.  Instead, you will be given advice such as "this dish is eaten with a spoon" as you blindly explore the cuisine before you!  

Ninja New York, NY 

Ninja's ambiance is uniquely Japanese, not just because it is an off-shoot of a popular Japanese restaurant, but also because it's built to "look like a ninja castle of the feudal days, with individual rooms layed out in the complexity of a maze with clever contraptions set up as to deceive the eye of the intruder."  

The Cave  Richland, MO

It's a bit ritzier than what you might expect out of cave eating, but that's precisely what The Cave Restaurant and Resort has to offer!  Your unique dining experience begins with an elevator ride up an enormous cliff to an actual cave, complete with stalagmites and stalactites, located right beside the Gasconade River.

Photo Credits: Airplane Restaurant, Al Johnson's, The Jasmine Brand, City's Best, Glamazons in Training, Jeffrey Hill, New York Times, NYC Go, Times Square New Years, The Cave Restaurant and Resort, Milwaukee Stock, Mars2112

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