Are you struggling to find great gifts for your loved ones? Picking out the perfect present for that special someone can be hard, so here are a few fun ideas for the baking-inclined individuals in your life! Many of these gifts are so budget-friendly, they can be combined to make a nice baking gift set. These must-have kitchen tools are bound to put a smile many faces, and the tons of delicious baked goods that come out of it will certainly put a smile on yours!

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Progressive Magnetic Measuring Cups - $8 to $12

These magnetic measuring cups are a definite upgrade over the traditional ones. The magnets keep the cups/spoons together and lets you place them on any metal surface (which gives it great space-saving potential as well)!


Whisks - $7 t0 $15

There are whisks of all kinds, but every baker needs at least 1 good whisk to fluff up eggs, cream, etc! Oxo makes a great balloon whisk, but if you want cute over functional, Kikkerland whisks are awesome too.

Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Liner - $10 to $50

This handy baking liner is perfect for making sure your cookies never stick to the tray, and is much more effective than traditional parchment! It's also great for kneading dough and rolling pie crusts, and makes clean-up a breeze!_

Spatulas - $10 to $25

These spatulas are great for getting those last bits of egg or batter out of bowls. They usually come in sets like these from Oxo and Le Creuset! Both of these sets have a good variety of sizes, clean easily, and have a good sturdy build.

Oxo Good Grips Mixing Bowls  - $24 to $50

A nice set of mixing bowls is a real treat to have. Most baking recipes require at least two bowls of different sizes - one for dry, one for wet - and these are great options for any baker's kitchen.

Stand Mixers - $50 to $800

If you've ever creamed butter and sugar, hand-whipped heavy cream, mixed up a heavy batter (or any combination of the three at a time), you know what a work-out it can be, and these mixers are the perfect remedy!


Photo Credits:, Kuantan Pages, GPB Television