Despite the length of the instructions, this bread is actually extremely easy to make. You can customize the fillings — maple and bacon would be excellent together, cheddar and bacon would be great, or even something without bacon at all, if you're so inclined — and even the bread if you have one you'd rather use. I've made this pull-apart bread a more biscuit-like dough that also came out well, but I prefer this one overall for its more traditional bread texture. The end result is always a very interesting, unique bread that is perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Here's the jist of the directions for the skimmers: make a dough, make the fillings, roll the dough out thin, spread the fillings on, cut the dough up into little squares, stack 'em up on each other in a loaf pan, and bake it! The full instructions include detailed tips and tricks for the process (like how to perfectly caramelize onions), but may not be 100% necessary for everyone.