With all the coverage on deep fried butter at the Iowa State Fair this year, which actually made its grand debut in deep-fry lovin' Texas two years ago, and Wisconsin's State Fair earlier this year, we thought it might be fun to highlight some of the even wackier, ridiculous foods served up at state fairs across America.  Just don't go eating them all at once!

Fried Ice Cream Cheeseburger (Florida)

Hot Beef Sundae (Indiana)Hot Beef Sundae

Corn Dog Pizza (Minnesota)Corn Dog Pizza

Big Kahuna Donut Burger (New York)Big Kahuna Donut Burger

Deep Fried Beer (Texas)Deep Fried Beer

Mealworm Covered Caramel Apple (Arizona)Mealworm Covered Caramel Apple

Pork Parfait (Florida)Pork Parfait

Pizza Cone (Indiana)Pizza Cone

Deep Fried, Chocolate Covered Scorpions, Crickets, and Mealworms (Arizona)Deep Fried, Chocolate Covered Scorpion

Pickle Sickle (Texas)Pickle Sickle

  Photo Credits: Phil Denton, Its Okay to Like It, Twin Cities Pizza Blog, Gawker, Dude Foods, NY Daily News, thematticolas, helablog, Bobs Pickle Pops, trend hunter