Brown bag lunches never really had a good reputation. Seen as a lunch wanting of something to make it "more appealing" - less appalling.  Maybe it's the secrecy of what is concealed in such un-ornamental paper. Maybe it is the utilitarian feel of it all, a luxurious lunch just can't be packed inside such modest baggage. Whatever the pre-concieved notion, there is still that rare exception with the potential to blow your mind and your palate away.  

BLT Club Sandwich (from Simply Scratch)BLT Club Sandwich

Bulgogi Steak Sandwich (from Namely Marly)Bulgogi "Cheesesteak"

Italian Pressed Sandwiches (from The Cilantropist)Italian Pressed Sandwiches

Tomato Herb Sandwich (from Better Than Doing Laundry)Tomato Herb Sandwich

Thai Ginger Chicken Sandwich (from Healthy Delicious)Thai ginger sandwich

Salmon, Radish & Apple Sandwich (from The Year in Food)Smoked Salmon, Radish, Apple Sandwich (Smorrebrod)

Strawberry Chicken Salad Sandwich (from Our Life In The Kitchen)Strawberry Lavender Chicken Salad Sandwich

Blackbean and Sweet Potato Pita-wich (from The Sweet Life)Blackbean and Sweet Potato Pita-wich

Chinese BBQ avocado sandwich (from FOODjimoto)Chinese BBQ avocado sandwich

Reuben with "Special Sauce" (from Mississippi Kitchen)Reuben with "Special Sauce"

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