Gourmet Sandwiches Worth Packing Your Lunch for

Gourmet Sandwiches Worth Packing Your Lunch for

Brown bag lunches never really had a good reputation. Seen as a lunch wanting of something to make it "more appealing" - less appalling.  Maybe it's the secrecy of what is concealed in such un-ornamental paper. Maybe it is the utilitarian feel of it all, a luxurious lunch just can't be packed inside such modest baggage. Whatever the pre-concieved notion, there is still that rare exception with the potential to blow your mind and your palate away.

[BLT Club Sandwich (from Simply Scratch)

BLT Club Sandwich

[Bulgogi Steak Sandwich (from Namely Marly)

Bulgogi "Cheesesteak"

[Italian Pressed Sandwiches (from The Cilantropist)

Italian Pressed Sandwiches

[Tomato Herb Sandwich (from Better Than Doing Laundry)

Tomato Herb Sandwich

[Thai Ginger Chicken Sandwich (from Healthy Delicious)

Thai ginger sandwich

[Salmon, Radish & Apple Sandwich (from The Year in Food)

Smoked Salmon, Radish, Apple Sandwich (Smorrebrod)

[Strawberry Chicken Salad Sandwich (from Our Life In The Kitchen)

Strawberry Lavender Chicken Salad Sandwich

[Blackbean and Sweet Potato Pita-wich (from The Sweet Life)

Blackbean and Sweet Potato Pita-wich

[Chinese BBQ avocado sandwich (from FOODjimoto)

Chinese BBQ avocado sandwich

[Reuben with "Special Sauce" (from Mississippi Kitchen)

Reuben with "Special Sauce"

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