If you've never baked fresh bread, you're missing out on something special! It's not just about the delicious, crusty loaf of artisan bread you can enjoy in tasty gourmet sandwiches and dip in hearty, homemade soups! It's about choosing your own ingredients and knowing exactly what's going into the food you eat! It's about the cool sensation of kneading dough by hand, pounding it into a dusted board, plopping it into a loaf pan, and enjoying the rising aroma that fills your entire kitchen!  

Braided Challah (from The Apron Archives)

Braided Challah

Red Onion & Garlic Focaccia (from Veggie num num)

Red Onion & Garlic Focaccia

Classic French Bread (from The Ginger Cook)

Classic French Bread

Garlic-Tuscan Herb Loaf (from (never home)maker)

Garlic-Tuscan Herb Loaf

Honey Oat Bread (from Mike Kostyo)

Honey Oat Bread

Raisin Bread (from Try Anything Once)

Raisin Bread

Povitica - Eastern European Dessert Bread (from Krissy's Creations)

Povitica - Eastern European Dessert Bread

Basic Country Loaf (from Bewitching Kitchen)

Basic Country Loaf

Whole Grain Artisan Chapata (from Delicious Wordflux)

Whole Grain Artisan Chapata

French Baguettes (from Try Anything Once)

French Baguettes

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