Romance is a fickle thing. It cannot be forced or made. Instead, you just have to lay all the proper groundwork and hope that the mood blossoms organically. No amount of roses and chocolate can guarantee a romantic date night, but there are a few foods almost guaranteed to shove a stake in it. Avoid the rookie mistakes on Valentine's Day this year and cross these dishes and ingredients off your night's menu. Or, alternatively, you can test the resilience of your relationship and serve up every single one of these! If you make it through the night, you might just have a shot at forever.

Beans Your homemade 10 bean chili might well be the most delicious dish ever conceived, but unless you and your sweetheart want to forgo the Barry White and serenade each other with a few bombastic tones of your own, perhaps it's best to let your eyes gloss over those dishes on Valentine's Day.

Photo by Alamy

Photo by Alamy

Super Spicy Dishes A little spice is a great thing. Spice acts like a stimulant in your body. In small amounts, it can increase your body temperature, awareness, and even your appetite. In larger amounts, however, it can numb your taste buds entirely and cause some very painful gastrointestinal issues (especially to those less conditioned to spice than yourself). Let your love burn intensely on Valentine's Day, not your eyes (or insides)! Maybe save your "Liquid Fire" habanero sauce and Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipes for another day.

Spinach While this nice, leafy green is great for a side salad, doesn't it just always end up in your teeth? And of course, you never find out about it until later (unless your date is kind  or comfortable enough to let you know). Keep your smile bright and white and just avoid the ingredient altogether (and make sure to have floss on you at all times, anyway). Note: Same rules apply for corn on the cob.

Garlic A little garlic never hurt anyone, but Valentine's Day may be an event where you should avoid the homemade 40 Clove Garlic Chicken. Peeling and slicing up all that garlic may leave the scent on your hands, not to mention your breath. But, if your specialty dish requires it, keep a bit of stainless steel around to rub your hands on — it helps remove the scent — and plenty of breath mints too!

Couple Sharing Ribs from Visit Oceanside

Photo from Visit Oceanside

Saucy Ribs and Wings Valentine's day is a touchy feely holiday — emphasis on the literal touchy feely part. In these circumstances, it maybe better to avoid having your hands and face covered in barbecue sauce. (And for some, it's hard to look good ripping into a plate of wings). Of course, if you and your sweetheart prefer your holy palmers' kisses to be fused with sticky, sauced deliciousness, go right on and enjoy!

Header Picture: Three Bean Chili from Serious Eats