How to Make the Perfect Mint Julep

There's no better way to enjoy the Kentucky derby this weekend than with an frosty mint julep in hand!  It's a tradition that harkens back to a simpler time filled with pastel-colored pinstriped suits and fancy hats, and it's high time that everyone enjoyed it once more! Get in the Kentucky derby spirit and follow these  tried and true tips to creating the best, most deliciously indulgent mint julep out there.


Tips and Tricks

  • If you enjoy a sweeter mint julep, try rolling a few of your mint sprigs in powdered sugar before garnishing the drink for extra tastiness!
  • Since a julep is supposed to be refreshing and cold, it's important to use good, strong bourbon as the ice and water will dilute it.
  • Don't crush the mint too much! What you want is lightly bruised mint, as smashed mint actually releases grassy flavors that can ruin a mint julep.
  • Drain your crushed ice before you add it to the drink to avoid overly diluting it.

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Photo Credits: Liquid Living Magazine