With the rousing success of Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos in mind, it's not surprising that other chains might try to grab inspiration with similar ventures. Subway is just the latest to hop onto the experimental snack food train, now testing Doritos Nachos in target markets around the US. So, if you happen to be in the Nashville area, or spy a subway located in a department store, food court, or amusement park you might be able to try 'em out!

Some Twitter fans across the US have tried the nachos already, and 140 character reviews are rolling in! One fan loves them so much, she writes, "...the subway man knows me as the nachos girl LOL!"

The nachos themselves consist of Doritos chips, velvety nacho cheese, and sliced jalapenos. In reference to the peppers, one intrepid Twitter taste tester notes: "Subway nachos! SPICAAAAAAAAAAY." Another fan can't get enough of them in general, proudly stating "haha mate I Looooooove jalapinos on pizza nachos subway everytaang lol."

Many have also noted that this dish is something that every fan of Doritos has pondered on their own long before Subway was involved in the mix. "Don't know why this Subway Doritos Nachos is a big thing. Drunk people been on this for years!" confirms another Twitter patron.

So, there you have it! If you're curious to try out Subway's take on the alcoholic's classic Doritos nachos, try finding one of their special locations across the country. And for those who think that this is a bizarre departure from Subway's "Eat Fresh" sandwiches, Subway has actually served up nachos  in the United Kingdom for some time now - though they're a more traditional, non-Dorito'd take on the dish.  

Photo Credits: HuffPostRiverfront Times